Personal Coaching for Trading Mastery

This is a powerful, proven, winning program. Since 1992, I have been coaching traders around the world to assist them in developing the mental skills and toughness so essential to peak performance trading.

While my coaching program does not teach entry and exit strategies, it does help you to execute your own proven strategy with consistency. You begin to do what you already know to do. In other words, you become as good as your methods. You learn to trade with trust, confidence, courage, and a reliable timeliness.

Your psychological makeup is the major factor that makes or breaks you as a trader. I know that this runs contrary to the popular belief; it’s the technical system that holds the magic. In truth, learning to run your mind and your emotions is the single most important key to your trading results. Your mindset is the multiplier of your trading profits and losses.

With this coaching you will learn to:

  • Pull the trigger without hesitation and get in early on big moves
  • Maintain discipline even after a winning or losing streak.
  • Cut your losses automatically and keep them small. ·
  • Hang onto your winners to glean large profits.
  • Stick with your game plan for steady profits.
  • Turn fear into caution and greed into healthy desire.
  • Feel good about yourself whether you win or lose.
  • Make the market your partner in success.
  • Want what the market wants.
  • Know your rules and stick by them.
  • Know yourself, accept yourself, and become a better trader.
  • Trade in the zone each day, and watch your profits grow.

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