Power Trading for Power Profits Audio Course

If you want to go it on your own, without my personal coaching, here’s the audio course I developed just for clients like you.

Power Trading for Power Profits combines conscious and unconscious learning. You learn how to consciously think as you trade. You also learn solid trading principles that operate from the powerful unconscious mind. It is a complete system for managing your mind to make money.

This audio course will teach you to:

  • overcome trading hesitation
  • stay with winning trades
  • cut your losses before they hurt you
  • trade with confidence
  • get off the emotional roller coaster

The program includes:

1. Power Trading for Power Profits: A six-CD album detailing the exact mental strategies used by consistent winners. These deep focus hypnosis CDs build confidence and create winning associations. By repeated listening you will install the powerful beliefs of winning traders, enabling you to automatically do what needs to be done.

2. Inside Secrets of Winning Power Traders: Included are six discussions about how to run your mind the powerful way champion traders run theirs. Consistent winners share a similar pattern. You learn to emulate success mentally and emotionally. This album is jam packed with profit-producing, hard to get information.

3. Anatomy of Losing Trading: Every trader loses occasionally. It happens. To me. To all champions. Losing is a reality in our business. Chronic losing isn’t. Losing because of human factors is as avoidable as third degree sunburn. This revealing audio report gives an in depth profile of the chronic loser. Discover five Doomsday mistakes you can avoid. Learn how to put a dead halt stop to chronic losing.

4. Complete Guide to Trader Trouble Shooting: This booklet was developed because my clients demanded it. You can look up any symptom of bad trading and discover it’s cause and it’s cure. Use this to repair any breakdown fast.

5. One Hour Personal Phone Consultation: Together we’ll look at your trading habits. I will help you do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t work. I will give you special suggestions for improving your trading behavior. After our conversation I will send your personalized Action Plan audio cassette tape to improve your trading. ($300 value)

All can be yours for $590.00 (U.S.). Your use of Power Trading can make a powerful improvement in your future trading. Call 1-800-692-0080 to order or print out the form and mail it with a check or fax it to 212-732-3482. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard accepted.