Your Special Unique Trading Strengths and Weaknesses

Each one of us is born with special unique abilities and we are naturally drawn to them and develop them along the way.  They manifest themselves in all areas of our lives.  There are also things we don’t like to do or that are difficult for us to do.  It simply makes sense to focus on what we like and what comes easily to us and avoid or delegate what we don’t like or find hard and stressful to do.

The same is true with trading. There are parts of your trading that you’re naturally good at.  There are aspects of trading that you love, that excite you, and give you passion.  The more you trade the better you seem to get in these areas.

What is your special trading or investing capability?  Pause and think about it.  WRITE IT DOWN.  I can’t guide you or even suggest what is uniquely easy and effective in your trading.

The best part of my trading is ______________________________________.

The part of trading I most enjoy is___________________________________.

You can build on these and exponentially improve your trading results and your trading ease and enjoyment.  It also makes sense that your methods and time frames are compatible with these strengths and tendencies.

Now we need to acknowledge the opposite.  Each of us has innate limitations and vulnerabilities that also affect our trading and investing.  There are parts of the trading game that are hard for us, that we don’t like, may even hate.  As much as we try to overcome these areas we frequently relapse into these frail deficiencies.  We say we’ll never do that again, and then, of course we do.

What’s wrong with us, we ask as we repeat the errors.  What is your area of trading limitation?  It’s different for each of us.  Yours is yours, and mine is mine.  The beginning of liberation and trading mastery begins with understanding, so take heart and WRITE IT DOWN.

The worst part of my trading is ______________________________________.

The part of trading I hate the most is_________________________________ .

Now look at your methods and time frames to see if there is any way you can avoid having to confront these weaknesses.

The beginning of personal wisdom and power is the understanding and acceptance of our own propensities and innate qualities.  Spend some time and have the courage to recognize yourself as the trader you are.  Then you will be positioned to become the trader you want to be.