“To Love Is to Be Happy With” – Applying Huna Principle Five to Trading

How do you feel about your trading? Do you start each day with a curiosity, fascination, and excitement? Do you love what you do? As you think about a future of trading, do you get a light, happy feeling of optimism and interest? Or do you feel heavy with uncertainty or boredom and overwhelmed by the task in front of you?

Emotions come quite unbidden and they really tell us a lot about our situation. If you’re really mostly happy, you know you like where you are, what you do, and who you’re with. If you get up every morning with dread, or boredom, or basic indifference, you know something needs to be changed.

Of course, emotions change during the course of the trading day, and we do necessarily respond to our profits and losses as they expand and contract even if we say we don’t want to. We’re human beings, and the only way to avoid emotion is to repress it so far we might as well be made of stone. That really doesn’t work because repressed emotions cause some very strange, unwanted behaviors and reactions. “Why on earth did I do that?” you ask. The answer lies in a hidden emotion. Much better to know what we’re feeling and why. Your emotions are valid and useful messengers. Pay attention.

Against a backdrop of acknowledged emotion, you can rely on your research, trading plans, guidelines, and methods to keep you in line. Discipline and courage help you trade the plan.

We can feel any emotion that pops up be it euphoria or fear or regret or anything else. Proper action taken in spite of errant feelings is what distinguishes the professional from the also ran. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

We need to have the discipline to do what needs to be done to get us to our trading goal whether or not we feel like it. Emotions are one thing; behaviors are another.

Having said all this, it remains true that when you love what you do, in this case trading, it ceases to be threatening, boring, or a burden. Love is electric and magnetic. It seeks and it attracts. I believe that all good traders love trading. According to Serge Kahili King, love is the driving force that causes things to happen as well as the gentle energy that melts away resistance. So here’s a Huna secret: you can love your way to success.