“Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” – Applying Huna Principle Three to Trading

Focused concentration produces focused energy. When you concentrate your attention on something your energy will intensify in that area. “Concentration condenses energy, and that condensation makes the energy more potent for exerting influence.” according to Serge Kalili King. This is true both physically and mentally.

When you think about your trading, what kind of energy do you generate? In other words, how do you feel? Do you feel excited, fearful, depressed, bored, or curious? What are you thinking about, and where is your energy flowing?

Ed Sekoyta famously said that each person gets what they want from their trading. This is probably true and true about life as well. Therefore, we need to clarify and define what we want from our trading and from our lives.

In my experience as a coach, I have observed an addition to Ed Seykota’s often quoted statement. It is simply this: Each person gets what they want or don’t want from their trading. By that I mean they also get a good supply of what they don’t want. Energy goes where attention flows. And that energy produces results.

When you think about trading and investing, do you think about the unlimited potential for gain? Do you think about where the opportunities are? Do you search for the probabilities for profit? Or do you think about past disasters and the possibility of future loss?

One thing humans absolutely can do is direct their conscious focus. I would urge you to direct your attention to what you want and how you can get it.

Great athletes utilize not only physical practice but mental rehearsal as well. Have you ever heard of a superb athlete practicing the wrong moves over and over or mentally rehearsing failing in their competitions? It has been said that it isn’t practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice that makes perfect. Well, forget the perfect part. Neither life nor trading nor athletics are games of perfect. Let’s just go for effective. Effective rehearsal produces effective results.

Sit down and close your eyes. Breathe in the energy from the air around you. Imagine what you want from your trading. See it clearly and specifically in your mind. Feel the excitement and the joy of the game. Rehearse trading successfully in a way you have verified that works. Believe in your methods. Believe in yourself. Turn it over to the invisible universe. And open your eyes.