Applying Seven Huna Principles to Trading

Huna is an ancient Hawaiian philosophy that has been handed down through the centuries. Huna means secret and Ka Huna means the secret (as in, surprisingly enough, the big kahuna). Dr. King derived from this philosophy seven basic principles that apply very aptly to living in any time.

From the moment I read them, these principles struck me as a unique and powerful way to live, trade, or pursue any endeavor. They are as follows:

The world is what you think it is.
There are no limits
Energy flows where attention goes.
Now is the moment of power.
To love is to be happy with.
All power comes from within.
Effectiveness is the measure of truth.
My next seven columns that will appear on my website and on will pursue in depth how each of these principles can be utilized to effectively develop oneself and evolve as a trader. Let’s look at each principle briefly in the trading context.

The world of trading and investing is what you think it is. Do you think it’s dangerous, confusing, unpredictable, or overly risky? It will be. Do you think the market gives interpretable clues and is abundant with opportunity? It will be. In other words, we all don’t live in the same worlds, trade the same markets, or get rewarded equally. Whatever you think, you’re right.
There are no limits to your trading profits or losses. You apply your own risk/reward parameters. You need to look at any formerly imposed boundaries you’ve put upon yourself. It is possible to expand your own ideas of what can be done, what you can do and earn as a trader or investor.

Your courage, fears, and perception will flow where you put your attention. Are you seeking to follow a method? Make money in any old way? Avoid loss? Grow your capital through right action? Your strengths and weaknesses will go where your attention is placed.

Now is the moment to interpret events and price movement. Now is the moment to act. You can’t trade yesterday’s or tomorrow’s markets today. Opportunity passes like a cloud. Choose a timeframe in which you personally can act in a timely fashion. Stay present, and stay in your timeframe.

How do you feel when you trade? Do you start each day with curiosity, excitement, and optimism? Do you love what you do? It’s common knowledge that successful traders love to trade. If you’re miserable when you think of your trading, something is going terribly wrong. Something needs to change.

Your power as a trader comes from within you. It is up to you to perceive and to enter, exit, or remain in a trade. You are in control. The winds will blow, but you alone set your sail.

One of the beauties of trading is that we know the measure of truth sooner rather than later. You may have a concept of what is supposed to happen, but right now you are either making or losing money. Indeed, your effectiveness is the measure of your trading truths. Don’t fool yourself.