“All Power Comes From Within” – Applying Huna Principle Six to Trading

You are trading. Do you feel the power is within yourself? You have the power to assess and take action or not take action. You have the power to apply proven methods of entering and exiting your positions in the market.

You are trading. Do you feel the market is acting on you? Do you feel overwhelmed, ambivalent, confused, victimized, or grasping? Have you given your power to forces outside yourself?

Clearly when you yourself are trading, it’s really only you doing the action. The market is not acting on you, you are acting in the market. The power is yours to buy, sell, or do nothing. The power is yours to choose a market, a timeframe, and a method for analyzing that market. You have the power to stay or walk away and come back another day.

Finding a method that works is up to you. Applying that method to the market is also up to you. Perception, interpretation, action are all generated from within. That trader in the center of your being needs to be purposeful, flexible, willing, clear minded, balanced, and ready to be continually learning and forgiving.

How or where do we find our power? It’s given to us when we are born. It’s our part of the universal spark or source. First, we need to recognize our inherent power. Then we need to discover the ramifications and expandable qualities of that power.

Once you realize the power is within, there is no longer any reason to feel helpless or victimized or out of control. Ask yourself what happens to your power when you act in a reckless or fearful manner.

Because our power comes from within, then our situations are within our control. We can observe and respond however we choose. This is why I love what I do. I help clients access their power and use it for their higher good. They can stop being victims of circumstance. They can step around barriers and find their way in the world and the world of trading.

You have the power to learn from experience and to develop your understanding and skills. Of course you also have the power to conflict yourself and impede the graceful flow of your learning. However, when you become clear about who you are and what you want to do, you can always find a way.