The Gift of Learning

“In almost all problem areas of your life,
You are the problem and you are the solution.”
John Kehoe

          The good news is that if we are the problem as well as the solution, then we are in control of the situation.  It has been said that when God wants to give us a gift, he gives it wrapped up in a problem. When we take responsibility for the problem, we begin the search for a solution.  First we need to recognize the problem and define it. Then we can explore possible resolutions.  Difficulties are the rungs on the ladder of success.

          Many traders keep trading journals.  It helps them identify problems and solutions.  Personally, I can’t trade all day and record it all. So here is what I do.  I stop and write down what I learned in any difficult or easy aspect of my trading.  I won’t just let it drift through my mind.  No, I stop and write it down. Then at the end of the trading day, I ask myself two questions:  “What did I learn today?” Then, “How will I utilize that tomorrow?”

          We want to be in  constant and never ending quest for improvement in understanding and increased skills.  The pursuit of amelioration keeps a trader looing forward with optimism.  As you look for new and better ways to do things, you won’t get stuck in past regrets. Regrets don’t move you forward, and you can get stuck in pessimism and even low grade depression.

          Set your intention to master what you learned.  Allow for relearning as well.  Think of great athletes who never stop learning and honing their skills.  If you already knew everything you need to know, what would happen to the amazing adventure of each day’s trading?

          Where are you the problem in your trading?  What are some possible solutions?

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